Molly Pond

Accounts Manager, Payroll, HR, PA to the MD, Legend.

About Molly

Molly isn’t a camera operator, sound recordist, editor or technical supervisor, she holds the title of Head of Operations and Finance and runs the day to day operations at Maddogs. As well as managing the accounts department. If you ever come into contact with Maddogs you will definitely talk to her!

Essentially, she tells us all what we are doing and why we are doing it (sometimes!) then we all nod and agree. It works well!

Originally, after relentlessly pestering us for work experience during her time at college we gave in and arranged a two-week experience opportunity. Which, Molly then cancelled on us as apparently her course no longer had this requirement. What did we do? Throw her information in the bin never to be heard of again… A few months later she cheekily got back in touch asking if we offered apprenticeships, we didn’t. Although, the passion was clearly there so we thought there’s no reason that we couldn’t! Molly joined us in mid-2016 on the good ship Mad Dogs undertaking a yearlong logistics apprenticeship.

When she was younger (she still is!) she was already thinking about a career in the media, with an interest in photography and journalism she had considered a university course in the area, but we suggested on the job training with us might be more fun, and the rest they, say is history!

She has since gone on to study a degree in Business Management Practice alongside working full time, which she is due to graduate from in September 2020, this was all part of a grander plan to trap her here forever!!

Being only 17 when she started here all of us at Maddogs have watched her grow up and with that, make some horrible life decisions. Which, we will continue to remind her of for all of eternity (out of nothing but love!).

Molly would personally like to state that she didn’t murder ‘Cornelius’ the Sea Monkey whilst Craig was on holiday, she blames… Andy…

Most commonly heard singing to herself, occasionally ditsy and rarely funny – Molly isn’t available for hire – who would run the empire?!

Molly locked in the new camera stores

Molly says she has nothing notable to put here.

So there isn't anything.

Sage 50 Account Proficient

UK Drivers License

Naughtiest kid at School

Dog lover

Personal Profile

It’s 2019 and Mr James Bailey has asked me to write a ‘personal profile’ for our swanky new website that he’s building, great – I think, this could be fun. At first, I’m stumped so I decide to read the personal bios of my colleagues, who knew they were all so interesting and accomplished?! They appear to be either technical geniuses, skilled in martial arts a combination of them both or a millionaire.

I first stumbled across Mad Dogs in 2015 after my mum put me in touch with Martin, she knew him from when they were teenagers (but let’s not talk about that). Shortly after begging for some work experience to impress my college lecturer and boost my university application, I cancelled due to being sixteen- and sixteen-year olds always know best – right?

Ultimately, I came back six months later, fluttered my eyelashes, asked for a job and here I am writing this bio today.

Fast forward to 2020 and I’ve been at Mad Dogs for 4 years, one logistics apprenticeship down and one degree to go. I am due to graduate from my degree in Business Management Practice this year and gain my chartership in Business Management in 2021 (all fingers crossed).

So, what’s changed in those four years? Well, I now drink tea, I now wear glasses and I now get excited at the thought of new office stationery. I’m reasonably well travelled for a 21-year-old with some highlights including giving elephants a mud a bath in Phuket, Thailand and visiting Disney Land in Hong Kong – I’m still a child at heart! In 2019 I jumped out of a plane at 15,000ft for charity – talk about a view!

I have an extensive knowledge on all thing’s accounts, payroll and broadcast television equipment/crew bookings, also, Star Wars but I’ll let the reader decide what’s more exciting. Where do I see myself in ten years? Running the Mad Dogs empire of course, I’ll leave you with a quote from the badass of the century.

“Be careful not to choke on your aspirations”
– Darth Vader

Molly poses with an expensive camera

Education & Employment

  • Mad Dogs Television Ltd
    Accounts Manager
  • The Open University
    BA (Hons) Business Management Practice
    Chartership in Business Management
  • Totton College
    BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Creative Media Production

Additional Skills & Interests

  • Intermediate Level Apprenticeship as Logistics Operative
  • Level 3 Award in Employee Rights and Responsbilities
  • Level 3 Certificate in Logistics Operations
  • Level 3 Customer Service in Logistics Operations
  • Level 3 Health, Safety and Security
  • Level 3 Information and Communication Technology

Molly latest posts on Instagram:

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