GoPro Minicam Kits
GoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam KitsGoPro Minicam Kits

GoPro HD Minicam Kits

The GoPro, the minicam that almost single handedly changed the way productions think about minicams. Gone are the days of running cables, DVCam VTRs and costly operators, now anyone can bung a GoPro on pretty much anything and get a unique shot that previously was costly or impossible to get.

We don’t really need to sell the virtues of the powerful little camera, but seeing as you asked, it offers:

Full HD 1080p video up to 30 fps
Built-in WiFi & App compatibility
Ultra wide-angle field of view
Continuous photo shooting at 3 fps
Stills, Video and Timelapse Modes
ProTune features allowing for manual control

We know that the GoPro isn’t expensive and that most productions could buy their own, but then what about clamps, mounts and batteries? The costs soon add up, however with our GoPro kits you needn’t break the bank. We love our GoPro kits, you could almost call us obsessed about them and we think you’ll love them too. Each kit comes in a custom pelicase containing pretty much the entire set of accessories for a GoPro. From suction mounts, sticky mounts, screens, batteries and more it’s all included. Plus we have tons of heavy duty clamps and mounts to ensure we can put a camera almost anywhere! Have a look at the kit list to see just how much we’ve managed to pack into that pelicase!

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Standard Kit Contents

1x GoPro HERO 3 Minicam
1x 32GB Micro SD Card
1x USB Card Reader and USB Lead
2x GoPro Internal Batteries
1x External Battery (GoPro Battery Bac Pac)
1x GoPro LCD Screen
1x Mains USB Charger with USB Lead
1x Waterproof Housing with backdoor
1x Orange Floaty mounted to backdoor
1x Deep Wet backdoor
1x Deep Skeleton backdoor
1x Wifi Remote and Lead
1x Tripod Thread Mount
1x C Clamp Mount
1x Suction Mount
1x Headband Mount
1x Helmet Mount
1x Chest Mount
1x Handle Bar Mount
Selection Curved and Flat adhesive mounts

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