Sigma 10-20mm

Sigma 10-20mm EF

Produced in the legendary Aizu facility in Japan, Sigma presents their 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens. Building on 50 years of innovation in precision optics design and craftsmanship, the 10-20mm is an ultra wide angle zoom lens which encompasses several advance features designed to counter commonly found optical aberrations. Deep and ultra sharp images are produced as a result, making it a great value all round offering to any budding photographer.

Design features make up the foundation of the Sigma 10-20mm lens. Measuring just 8.1cm x 8.4cm and weighing an acceptable 470g, it is both lightweight and compact for its focal class, making it easy to handle but at the same time feel balanced when mounted on a DSLR. The lens features Sigma’s in-house developed inner focus system, which both eliminates the need to extend the barrel, reducing light loss, and the need to rotate the front lens. In staying fixed, the front lens can accommodate a petal design hood (included) that helps to counter light related issues such as glare. The inner focusing system also allows for the use of Circular Polarising filters.

Note: This lens with vignette heavily on full frame cameras (5D MkII or MkIII) but produces a stunning wide angle on 1.6 crop sensors found on the 7D or similar. It also produces great results on the Canon C300 cinema camera too.

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Standard Kit Contents

1x Sigma 10-20mm EF Super Wide Lens
2x Lens Caps (Front and Back)
1x UV Filter

1x Neutral Density Filter
1x Polarising Filter

Additional Information

Lens Fitting

Canon EF Mount Only