Canon HJ22ex7.6B IRSE HD Long Lens

Canon KJ22ex7.6B IRSE – 2/3 Inch Telephoto Lens with 2x Extender (p/n 3914B001AE). Long portable ENG lens

The KJ22ex7.6B is a telephoto lens covering a generous range of focal lengths while also providing a modest wide-angle of almost 65 degrees in the 16:9 HD image format. This provides a very flexible image framing range especially for outdoor applications. The KJ22ex7.6B has excellent balance between size, weight, and HD optical performance intended for HD News and many HD production applications.

The KJ22ex7.6B deploys Large Diameter Aspherical lens elements that contribute to a better control of cromatic aberration, geometric distortion, and corner resolution. Curvature of field and chromatic aberrations have been reduced by use of special optical materials that include Fluorite and Hi-UD glasses.