Single Camera Clamp Kit
Single Camera Clamp KitSingle Camera Clamp KitSingle Camera Clamp KitSingle Camera Clamp Kit

Single Camera Clamp Kit

Our single camera clamp kits are just that, compact complete clamp kits for a single camera. With magic arms, suction mounts, and more it’ll have everything you need to put you camera, GoPro, microphone or whatever exactly wherever you need it. A perfect accompaniment for our Toshiba, Panasonic or GoPro minicams or for any advanced lighting rig you might be attempting. If what you need isn’t included just say the word and we can happily add or adapt the kit to include exactly what you need.

The foam cutting and peli case means that the heavy metal clamps that often end up at the bottom of a bag or case don’t move or knock around meaning they can’t damage themselves or any other kit. Simples!

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Standard Kit Contents

1x Magic Arm
2x Gaffer Clamps
1x Heavy Duty Suction Mount
1x Compact Suction Mount
1x Ball Head Mount
1x Camera Plate
1x Elbow Clamp
1x Spigot

Additional Information

Suitable For

Panasonic HCK10, GoPro, Toshiba IK-HD1, Cameras less than 10kg