Chrosziel Rail-Mounted Swing-Away Mattebox

Chrosziel MatteBox Single Stage with Swing-away Bracket for 15mm LWS rods. Production MatteBox with Swing-Away-Design, starter set with Single Filter Stage
Swing-Away-Design for quick and easy lens change.
The built-in Single Filter Stage accommodates a further Single, Double or Triple Filter Stage through a quick-lock. All further stages rotate. All 150mm filter holderscan be used. For use of the maximum angle of field*, we deliver and recommend the following set:
The first fixed stage is equipped with a multi format filter holder for 4×4 and 4×5.650 filters. The additional single stage should be equipped with a 5×5 and4x5.650 multi-format filter holder (FH 510-01). For the dual and triple-filter-stage, we recommend the 4×4 and 4×5.650 multi-format filter holder (FH 410-31). The swing-away bracket mounts on light weight supports with 15mm rods, or by means of adaptors to bridge plates with 15 or 19mm rods.

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