Sony PXW-FX9

6k Sensor:

The camera’s full-frame 6K sensor provides superb recording in DCI 4K*, Ultra HD and HD resolutions. Powerful image processing with delayering and oversampling ensures image quality beyond the limits of conventional Super 35mm sensors. Compared to a 4K Super 35mm sensor, the FX9’s 6K sensor has over twice the surface area while providing a wider angle of view and shallower depth of field.

Dynamic Range:

The FX9 offers an exceptional 15+ stops of dynamic range – beyond the normal range of human perception – allowing for unprecedented creative freedom in colour grading and post. Camera operators can concentrate on framing the scene they want while relying upon the FX9 to capture every nuance and detail using either 4K 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording or 16-bit RAW external recording. When grading, colourists can find colour and detail beyond the normal viewing abilities of the camera operator to create a final image that exactly portrays the mood of the scene.

Dual Base Iso:

Sony’s FX9 features a dual base ISO of 800 and 4000. We like to think of it as having ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ shooting modes. These are easily switched between by using one of the available assignable buttons. A base sensitivity of ISO 800 provides the optimal dynamic range for typical documentary applications such as shooting outside or in brightly lit interiors. A secondary High Base sensitivity of ISO 4000 excels in low light conditions such as early morning and evening shoots while maintaining superb image quality. ISO 4000 is also ideal whenever you’re using slow lenses. Combining Dual Base ISO with the camera’s electronic variable ND Filter provides superb creative control in almost any shooting environment, with truly next generation responsiveness to changing light conditions.

Battery life:

We have added Hawk-woods backends to our Fx9’s, giving our camera’s longer battery life than standard. However, we have also combined these with the camera’s standard BPU’s giving our clients the ability to swap VLOK batteries mid take! ‘Low battery’ warning lights truly are a thing of the past with our FX9’s.

Auto focus:

Effortlessly track fast moving subjects with pin-sharp focus, even when using wide lens aperture settings to maintain a shallow depth of field with the camera’s full-frame sensor. Enhanced Fast Hybrid AF combines phase detection AF for fast, accurate subject tracking with contrast AF for exceptional focus accuracy. In addition, Face Detection intelligently recognises and locks on to human faces. Combine this with the worlds first full-frame electronic variable ND filter and you can transform the possibilities for shooting in variable lighting conditions. Imagine being able to a presenter piece to camera on the beach, wide open on a Sony prime lens and being able to guarantee perfect focus pulling on every take, well now you can!

Standard Kit Contents:
1x Sony PXW-FX9 Camera Body
1x Hawkwoods VLMFX9 Vlok backend
1x Sony VCT Tripod Plate
1x Camera Strap
1x Top Mic
1x Shower/Rain Cover
1x Shape Grip Arm
1x Vocas Shoulder Support Kit
1x XQD USB 3.0 Card Reader
4x 64gb XQD Cards with Cases
1x LED Toplight
1x Camera Bag