FX LION Nano Two – 4 Battery Kit

They say good things come in small packages but this battery kit takes that to a whole new level. These are “tiny” and lightweight but still pack a massive 98WH capacity!

The capacity and tiny form factor make these batteries a must for true in the moment filmmaking, they can be flown with as hand luggage without issue, and this small size and weight means less to weight when operating a camera, without sacrificing on battery run time. Almost half the size of a conventional V-Lock battery for smaller cameras, or filming in compact spaces these are a must.

They also feature USB Type A and C outputs meaning you can also charge almost any device from these as well as a D-Tap for other camera accessories, and better yet the built-in display tells you exactly what their remaining capacity is.

You can even charge these via micro USB! (But the included charger is way quicker) but to have a battery this versatile in your kit is a must for on the go filming!

Standard Kit Includes:
1x Soft Carry Case with Shoulder Strap
1x Mains Charger with IEC Lead
4x FX LION Nano Two Batteries (98WH)

Additional information

Nominal Voltage:




Working current:


USB Output:



101mm (L) × 72mm (W) × 54.5mm (H)

Working temperature:

-20℃ ~ +55