Cuebi Wireless Tally Light System

The Cuebi wireless tally light system is a Wi-Fi based tally light system that’s incredibly small but incredibly versatile. Connected to the same network as a compatible switcher (for example our Blackmagic Design ATEM) the Cuebi system allows quick and simple tally indicators for camera operator and on-screen talent. Features both red and green tally (preview/programme) it means everyone knows at a glance which camera is cut up, and which is about to be.

Powered by USB this can be plugged directly into some of our cameras that have USB built in, or it comes with a D-Tap USB power pack, and an AA battery block meaning it can be attached to any camera we stock. Fitting into the hotshoe accessory mount means its at the top of the camera and the small but powerfully bright LED means its easy to see at glance.

For those using a viewfinder, the optional viewfinder extension allows for a small fibre optic wire to be mounted within the viewfinder loupe meaning the camera operator can still see the tally light even when using an eye piece viewfinder.

Cuebi requires a Wi-Fi connection, which comes as standard when used with our Blackmagic ATEM mixers.

Standard Kit Includes:

4x Cuebi Wireless Tally Lights
4x USB to Micro USB Tables (Tally Power)
4x D-Tap to USB with D-Tap Passthrough
4x “Emergency” Power Packs (Power the Cuebi from 2x AA Batteries rather than USB)
1x Soft Cary Case

Optional Kit Includes:
4x Cuebi USB Input/Output leads
4x Fibre Optic Viewfinder Tally Light Extensions

Additional information

Power input:

5V micro USB

Power consumption:

0.4W (80mA)


2.4Ghz b/g/n (we have preconfigured WiFi routers available)


25mm (W) x 42mm (L) x 16mm (H)


10 grams

Swither Compatibility:

Blackmagic – ATEM, all models and versions: Native support
For-A – HVS-490, HVS-1200, HVS-2000, HVS-6000: TSL UMD V5.0 Protocol
NewTek – TriCaster, software version 4 and up: Native support
Panasonic – AV-HS50, AV-HS410: Native support (V-HS6000 TSL UMD V5.0 Protocol)
Roland – V-60HD, XS-62S: Native support
Ross Video – (Carbonite, Graphite: TSL UMD V3.1 Protocol) (Acuity – TSL UMD V5.0 Protocol)
Streamstar – All models, software version 4.9 and up: TSL UMD V3.1 Protocol
vMix – vMix, v14 and up: Native support

User Manual: