Sony Digital UTX-B03 & URX-P03 Kit

The UTX-B03 belt-pack transmitter forms part of a complete UWP-D audio system offering the sound quality of digital audio processing combined with the reliability of analogue FM modulation. The UTX-B03 package offers wide frequency coverage with up to 72 MHz bandwidth (depending on region) across a wide range of channels, with a choice of models to choose from. Easy-to-use features include a large display, automatic channel setting function, USB connection for power supply and line input availability. The UWP-D Series system provides superb transient response performance for all ENG / EFP production applications.


1 x Sony Digital Radio Mic transmitter with belt clip

1 x Sony Digital Radio Mic reciever with belt clip

2 x XLR3 male – minijack leads

1 x Coldshoe mount

1 x Tram mic

5 x Tram mic clips

1 x Tram mic fluffy

1 x ECM mic

1 x ECM croc clip

1 x ECM fluffy