Sony SMAD-P3D Hot Shoe

Simple but effective sums this little bit of kit up. It allows compatible Sony digital radio mics to talk directly to compatible Sony cameras, no cables, no fuss.

That sounds like you might have compatibility issues but don’t worry, we’ll only suggest it if it’ll work with the cameras and radio mics you’re going to use. All of our Sony Digital radio mic receivers (including the clever Sony URX-P03D 2 channel receiver) and our Sony cameras in the FX9, FS7 and X70 and A7s all have the “MI” shoe, meaning you can pass audio directly into channels 3 and/or 4 without any cables, meaning you can still use a topmic or traditional setup via the cameras XLR inputs.

This eliminates the need for connecting cables. By using the MI shoe adaptor, audio signals can be transmitted from the wireless receiver to a camera. In addition, the wireless receiver can get power from the camera, and the camera can control power ON/OFF, unifying power management.

Standard Kit Contents:
1x Sony SMAD-P3D Shoe

Additional information

No need for separate XLR cable

Using an MI Shoe connection, the 2-channel audio signal from wireless receiver URX-P03D can be input to the camera without XLR cables.

Power can be supplied by camera

Power can be switched on and off from the camera/camcorder.