David Thirion

Short BioDavid Thirion Sound Recordist
David Thirion is a Belgian Sound recordist based in Dubai with credits in a wide range of productions including documentaries, corporate videos and ENG network programmes. Able to record multitrack platform, sync timecode and assist camera, David has experience working in a range of environments, achieving great results either under an A380 engine, keeping up with presenters on the move or in an Art Gallery for media interviews.

During his career, David has recorded for ARTE, HBO, Emirates and the BBC to mention just a few. David started his career 15 years ago with the Belgian National Broadcast Company. Since moving to Dubai in 2004, he has worked with highly accomplished DPs and crews on projects such as Ultimate Airport Dubai, Masterchef Australia, Richard Hammond’s Engineering Connections and Megastructures.

A keen traveler, David has also worked on shoots elsewhere in the Middle East as well as in the Congo, Singapore, Italy, France,Kosovo and Azerbaijan.

Find Out More:
His website can be found at: www.sounddubai.com