Case Studies

Case Studies
At Mad Dogs Television we always strive to give the best possible service for all of our customers large or small, filming professionally, privately or for corporate work. We treat each hire as if it was our own and always ensure that our kit is fully serviced and ready to go. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile and doing those little extras that make life easier. From special packing for flying with kit, helping with Carnet, saving money on excess baggage to on site DIT and technical supervisors to keep equipment functioning at its best, no matter the environment.

We like to approach things a little differently and for us it is very important that our service delivery is memorable for all the right reasons. A bespoke service is what we aim for all our new and established clients. What we mean by that, is just that; we will work with complete flexibility and provide a support service to the client that they want and we will ask what it is they want, not just drop kit at the door and walk away.

Behind the scenes of any hire can be complicated, however we are organised, set and ready to be able to respond to all requests. These enquiries range from a last minute emergency call from a new client filming in the local area for a battery support kit that was mistakenly left at home to offering a much more supportive role for an production be it logistical or technical.

Last minute emergency calls from new client’s requires a very reactive service of setting up accounts and verifying these and getting the item to location and turning this request round with speed to make sure that the important schedules are not hindered by such incidental problems that occur during the day of any given shoot. We will happily creep up to the set and drop the item and as silently leave and we pride ours selves on not being noticed!

With longer Productions that have multiple kit needs and a variety of locations, a proactive service is offered and we take great pleasure in working these logistics out, especially on fluid every changing schedules.  The support we offer can invariably end up saving the production money in their budget!

We have an unflappable nature here a at Mad Dogs Television and enough knowledge and experience to help you out no matter what it is you need us to do… Unless it is sing… None of us can do that…

Below are a few case studies from a variety of clients and projects we have worked on, both at home and around the world. Select a programme to find out more about it and how we helped production make it possible.



Great British Garden Revival