James Bailey

jamesShort Bio
James is a camera operator, assistant, editor and technical supervisor and general geeky guru with comprehensive knowledge of a wide range of broadcast equipment. He has specialist skills and a passion for time-lapse photography with emphasis on motion controlled shots. Proficient in Final Cut Pro as an editor and data wrangler he also have skills with the After Effects composting software.

James wanted to work for the BBC as a studio cameraman since he was just 5 years old. However by the time he was ready to do that the BBC decided to knock down Television Centre and turn it into flats, so he settled for Mad Dogs Television instead. Having worked here for 6 years now he’s gone from kit room monkey, assistant camera, accountant and bookings coordinator and now lighting camera and jib assist.

James’s big passion it time-lapse photography, having researched, built and trained up on his own unique workflow James has created time-lapses for many shows, in many unique parts of the world. From the sunny Caribbean, the cold depths of Alaska or a high rise in Southampton.