Andrew Davis

andyShort Bio
Andrew left university & almost immediately embarked towards what he expected to be a career in “the glamorous world of TV”.

He joined Maddogs TV in 2004 as a runner & now 10 years later as facilities manager he is still not allowed to leave until he repays an outstanding loan of £5, despite the fact that James spent this £5 by accident, it seems Andy can now never leave.

Andrew is a not only lighting cameraman but also a Tae kwon do black belt & DOP with ninja like skills with a Jimmy jib. With his super giant partner in crime Jenny jib there isn’t a presenter piece to camera or swooping beauty shot to tough to handle.

Andrew has spent much time filming throughout the UK and indeed the rest of the world. From sweating it in the summer heat in Dubai, climbing mountains (with rocks in his backpack) or swinging over the forest canopy in the jungle.

Outside of television Andrew is passionate about many things, but most of all tea.