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Hello and welcome to the brand-new online home of Mad Dogs Television Limited. If you’re new here we offer affordable broadcast equipment hire and rental from our offices on the south coast to productions around the UK and the rest of the world. We also offer professional crews, operators, assistants, runners and more. In a word, trying to be awesome for all our customers and clients.

Have a look around at some of the equipment we have available, the many services we offer and some of our customer testimonials and case studies. Or if you already know what you want jump in to the equipment pages to build your kit list online, or use the contact pages and deal with us directly.

Latest Equipment:

Woof woof!🐶

Welcome to the virtual dog house, home of Mad Dogs Television.

We specialize in cutting edge broadcast quality equipment & professional crewing for all your television broadcast, corporate, & online video content needs. Our highly obedient & trained crew can help you sniff out a bargain when you are planning your next TV documentary, guide you through equipping your video production & dig up the top dogs to go on location. To our clients, Mad Dogs really are a productions best friend.

We have been Mad Dogs since the year 2000 (180 dog years!). So we maybe old but we are full of new tricks. Our constant investment in the latest technology ensures we can provide you with top quality equipment. We stock pretty much every camera format there is from XAVC, XDCam, SxS, XQD, XF cards and formats. We also have an extensive range of grips, minicams, lighting kits, sound equipment, wrangling kits and much more. Recent purchases include a brand new Sony PXW FX9, Canon CN7 Cinema lens, Atomos ninja recorders and more.

We stock full sized cameras including Sony’s flagship PXW ranges with the PXW FX9, PXW-FS7 mk2 & PXW Z450 for 4K production We also have smaller cameras for quality on a budget including the PXW Z280 & PXW X70.

Whatever your requirements, budget or timescale we’re happy to quote for any production no matter how big or small. On long term hires we offer extensive discounts, efficient packing and treat every hire as if it was our own, so you’ll have everything you need to make the shoot go well.

>We stock full sized cameras ENG like Sony’s flagship PXW ranges with the PXW-FX9, PXW-FS7II, PXW-X500, Cinema cameras like Sony’s PMW-F55 and Arri Alexa super 35mm cinema style camera with its global shutter and high speed 4k recording option and smaller cameras and DV director kits and self shooting PD kits with the PMW-200 and PMW-300, C300s and much more.

Feel free to browse around and have a look at what we have to offer. If you would like any more in depth information or have a specific enquiry please get in touch. You can contact us by clicking here, or you can call us on 02380 813847.

Let’s end the week with a GV... instead of promoting kit!! But look at this cool pic from Alaska... still a couple more months till we will be seeing this kit 🤗 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Testing out some new adaptors and getting this setup working! 🎥💻 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Craig’s new toy ... will soon be available as an extra on all shoots with him and he will also be a Drone Operator, watch this space 👀. Ps apologies for not posting much, had a busy week... nice to see the world finally getting back to normal ! Like, share, comment and keep safe 🤗 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Our freelance Data Wrangler and Camera Assistant Sam sent us this photo from the depths of Alaska as he works on a continuing series in the frozen state. Using our eMotimo Spectrum 4 axis motion control rig he can produce stunning video and time-lapse moves. We can't wait to see the final product. @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments The marvelous Mini Craig (massive Craig in reality) is prepping our brand new @gopro 9s off on hire later this week. It’s amazing how far minicams have come in recent years! #minicam #gopro #filming #hire #maddogstv @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments The first 4 of our GoPro 9 fleet arrived at the Dog House today. Get in touch for all your kit and crew needs. We are trying to expand our fan base. Please like, share and comment! @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Our kit just keeps getting cooler and cooler.. see you in a year 👋🏼 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Check us out, our 4k Black Magic minicam rig, consisting of 4 BM Micro Studio cameras and 4x Atomos recorders, Zoom audio recorder and Timecode unit, has been mounted into a 1944 DC3.. If you are interested in a 4k camera rig, please get in touch. Also HD switchable😊 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Another great week, in yet another great studio, with yet another great presenter, with some great kit... 😉 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Mind-blowing HDR Monitor recorders - Shogun 7 inch and Ninja 5 inch screens. Designed for professional use, elevating the image captured by an HDMI or SDI camera to new levels making sure you can get those quality videos. 2 of each available to hire along with other monitors and recorders. Contact us for more information 😎 P.s apologies for not posting yesterday, all working like busy bee’s 🐝 Don’t forget to share, like and comment 👍🏼 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Tomorrow morning. 11.40am. ITV. Simply Raymond Blanc. We provided all kit to @rockoystermedia for their latest series with one of the world's finest chef's @raymondblanc . Who doesn't love a Canon CN7?! We also provided in house operator and assistant @craig24hale. Craig operated third camera, assisted and took all stills across the series. Maddogs Television then helped build the studio in which the series' cook sequences were filmed. Enjoy! #maddogstv #kithire #crewhire #equipmenthire #cameraoperator #cameraassistant #sony #fs7 #canon #cn7 #slider #a7s #itv #cooking #rockoystermedia @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments 4x Sony FX9 camera kit, complete with Sony 28-135mm zoom lenses, some extra EF lenses, tripods and accessories. Libec Minijib, and some minicams, supplied for a 1 year hire. Nice way to start of 2021.. 😀 @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments ALL the firmwares!! @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments Feels like a theme now. Getting out tiny 4K studio cameras updated ahead of a trip to the cold. @blackmagicnewsofficial @maddogstv on 12th April 2021 11:34 PM, Comments

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