About Us

Mad Dogs Television Ltd is a facilities house and crewing company, offering a friendly and professional service. We specialise in experienced professional broadcast television crew and equipment hire and rental. We offer top quality service at competitive rates and our constant investment in new equipment ensures that we have quality kit to suit any production requirements.

Over the years our personal single cameras crews have traveled the world, filming in remote and hostile locations such as the North Pole, the African wilderness and Peckham. Our crews are highly experienced and motivated and having experience filming in a number of formats. From 16 and 35mm Film, SD, HD and now even 3D as well as in a wide array of setups, be it trekking up a mountain, flying in a helicopter or diving underwater we have a vast list of specialized operators, riggers and wranglers.

In addition to high definition and standard definition broadcast camera kits and crews we have over 15 years experience with minicams and secret or covert filming. Our minicam department has extensive experience in fabrication and installation of cameras for any scenario. With over 200 minicams we have the tools and expertise to provide specialist cameras to suit any situation, the more extreme the better!

To find out more about what we do, and what we can do for you please contact us, we're happy to quote for any job, or if you're not sure what you may need we can suggest suitable equipment, crew and sort logistics. Our advice is always free and we're on hand to help around the clock.

Did you know that all of our kits are comprehensive and supplied on a 4 for 7 basis, meaning if you hire for a full week you’ll only pay for 4 days. We pride ourselves on the quality of the equipment we provide a full service, so with a full kit hire you'll also get extras like black drapes, saddle bags and misc camera accessories as part of the price.

If you have any difficulty in finding an item you require or would like an immediate quote, contact us on (+44) 023 8081 3847. Or email us at office@maddogs.tv

If you're a new or prospective client please ensure you read our terms and conditions, and all new clients are asked to read and complete our account application form. Both of which are available here:

Mad Dogs Television - Terms and Conditions

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